4 Timeless Video Games and Why We Still Play Them

Video games have evolved from classic video arcade games to the first home consoles to having virtual reality in our own living rooms. Wanting the next new thing has become human nature and this especially applies to video games.

Technology has enabled us to lose ourselves in the world of video gaming. But even as technology changes and new developments are made, there are many classic video games that still live on today. 

4 timeless video games that we still play today are:

  1. Tetris: This game may very well be one of the oldest puzzle video games to date. There’s something appealing about getting all those multi-colored blocks to fall into place. What makes it seemingly immortal in the video game world is its addictiveness and simplicity. It also helps that the game has been adapted to work on various different video gaming platforms. 
  2. Pac-man: This makes the list for obvious reasons, one being that there is no need to explain Pac-man and what kind of game it is. The iconic dot-eating character has persisted throughout the years across countless gaming platforms. Tournaments for this game still occur across the nation. Pac-man has cruised on the mainstream wavelength for many years and will do so for years to come.
  3. Super Mario Bros.: People of all ages have played Super Mario Bros., making it a game that has touched multiple generations. The two brothers appear in many games by Nintendo, but this game takes the cake. This game is the best selling video game in the world, so its no question as to why it will remain a timeless video game throughout the years.
  4. Mario Kart: Whether you’re constantly in first place or so bad that you’re dead last, there’s something addicting about this game. This game, like Super Mario Bros. can be played by people of all ages. While it hasn’t been out as long as the other games in this list, it still ranks up there with games that will be played for generations.

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