5 Steps that Go Into Planning an Awesome Video Game Tournament

So many individuals looking forward to the new Madden coming out in August. Many of these individuals have started contacting our team at Amazing Gaming on Wheels and asking us to host a tournament party when it comes out in August.

There are so many cool things that can be included in a video game tournament, especially a Madden tournament. Therefore, we wanted to share a few things we suggest with you.

5 steps that go into planning a video game tournament are:

  1. The Invite List: Make a plan of how many friends and/or family members you want to attend. Make sure the venue, especially if it is a video game truck, has the capacity to fit the number of guests. In our situation, if there are more individuals coming that our truck can fit, we have other activities that we can suggest including.
  2. Make a Supply List: It’s important to plan for snacks and other games to keep guests involved throughout the tournament. In the initial rounds of a tournament, things can move slowly. Therefore, we suggest having snacks (for outside the truck) and cornhole boards.
  3. Keep it Organized: Make a plan of how to organize all of the individuals playing in the tournament. This can become more difficult with more attendees.
  4. Training: The game is going to be new for everyone. So, make a plan to let individuals get comfortable using a new interface before the tournament starts. This is something our team plans for when we host tournaments.
  5. Keep Score: It’s important to have a system to keep score and know who is moving onto the next round.

The majority of these items are included when you call Amazing Gaming on Wheels. If your kids are dying to host a Madden tournament or maybe you want to have the guys over for a Madden tournament, contact us now for more information on our video game truck.

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