5 Ways to Have Your Next Tailgate Party be the Best One on the Block

Football season is just around the corner and often times the tailgate can be just as fun, if not more fun than the game itself. Panther’s fans are serious about their tailgating so in order to have the best one all of the bases need to be covered.

The top 5 ways to make sure your tailgates for football season are at the top of their game are:

  • Add a gaming truck. Sometimes it can be hard to keep the kids, or even the kids at heart, occupied before the game starts. You can combat this boredom by adding a gaming truck to the mix. Kids can be Cam Newton on Madden or dance the night away on Just Dance.
  • Add a hydration station. Cheering for touchdowns and sitting out in the sun can make even the most dedicated football fan thirsty. Make sure guests can celebrate wins all night by having an easily accessible drink station.
  • Put it in a Mason Jar. Don’t know how to serve the dip? Put it in a Mason Jar. Need a glass for the hydration station? Mason Jar. The Mason Jar is an effective and stylish way to serve food and drinks and can be decorated with Panther’s colors.
  • Include outdoor games. Add games that can be played quickly and easily during timeouts and commercials to keep guests engaged during the entire game. Cornhole is a classic tailgate game that can accomplish these goals but don’t be afraid to mix in some new ones like Spikeball or
  • Have a great playlist. What’s a good party without music? Keep guests engaged and dancing by having a fantastic game day tailgate playlist. Make sure there is a good combination of today’s hit music and the classics.

Throwing a good tailgate party is easy but throwing a great tailgate party requires a little bit more work. With this list however you will be throwing the best one in town. For more information on renting the gaming truck to elevate your tailgating parties, visit our website.

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