Are Video Gaming Trucks Just For Kids?

So, you’ve heard about our awesome gaming truck. It is right up your alley, and you know that your friends and coworkers would enjoy lounging around and playing video games. You have even secretly thought about renting our truck for your next birthday party… then reality hits, you may just be “too old” for a gaming truck party. Or are you?

Here comes the big question: Are video gaming trucks just for kids?

Whoever says gaming trucks are just for kids does not know what they’re missing! Our gaming truck is a climate-controlled theater on wheels that is loaded with video game consoles and a massive library of games for every age (even yours, wink!).

Some of our most popular events are for adults, including:

* Bachelor Parties:  Bachelor parties are a great way to bond, kick back and relax for a few hours without even having to leave your location.

* Corporate Events:  Corporate events are great for gaming trucks for the very reason that we provide endless entertainment for all ages. It’s a great way to build team skills and connect through activities like video games, cornhole or one of our giant games (Jenga and Connect Four).

* Tailgating Events:  Not to mention, our truck is equipped with live satellite TV as well, which is perfect for tailgating events. Each event includes a game coach who helps ensure that our events flow smoothly, and we have the best entertainment for our audience.

You and your adult friends will have just as much fun as the younger generations when it comes to having a gaming event. Our impressive video game theater is the place to relax, have fun and bring out your healthy competitive nature. It’ll surely be an event that you will remember for years to come. Contact us at Amazing Gaming on Wheels today

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