How to Host a Video Game Tournament

The summer is a time for comradery. A time for friendship and competition alike. Some of our most memorable moments hosting events come from the intense competition between the last two teams standing in 2 vs 2 on Mortal Kombat or when people almost fall out their seats playing Playstation VR Karts.

The fun never ends when you’re a traveling luxury gaming center. And as always, we want to give people different ways to make the most out of their time with us truck. So what better way to spark the fun and competition than with a video game tournament!

6 steps to hosting the ultimate video game tournament are:

  1. Send out Invite. Although brackets can be made last minute, tournaments go smoother when they are planned ahead. Send out a google calendar or Facebook invite and make sure the people participating in the tournament RSVP.
  2. Choose a Game. We have an extensive list of game options, but for a tournament either the party should decide which game or games (depending on time) will be played. Usually, the host would want to pick a game that either allows for short 2-player games or 4-player multiplayer. If you are using a set up like ours, with 8 flat screen monitors, your options open up since games can be played
  3. Gather the Supplies. What’s a good tournament without food and snacks? Maybe even some music? The environment around the game shouldn’t be distracting, but players will also want something to do between games.
  4. Make the Bracket. The easiest way to make a bracket is to decide on the tournament type (single elimination, double, round robin) and use a random bracket generator. Even though RSVPs were sent, decide how many extra slots to want by creating empty slots in your bracket (Ex. John Doe, Insert Name, Why Didn’t You RSVP). If extra people do show up that didn’t RSVP, insert them into those slots. If extra people don’t show up, a few people will have a free ride into the second round of the tournament.
  5. Plan for Open Play Time. Just in case a few players are unfamiliar with the system, plan, and state that there will be open time for 15-30 minutes where people can play and get adjusted. Ensure the people who actually need the time to learn the system are the ones getting time to practice.
  6. Enjoy. That’s it. The tournament is now ready to run smoothly. Of course if the tournament has a prize, the host still have to plan on that, but otherwise, it’s time to sit down (or stand up if it gets that serious) and play.

Since you are hosting the ultimate video game tournament, it makes sense to use the ultimate video game truck. With surround sound, stadium seating, a 32-foot game theater, Amazing Gaming on Wheels provides a standout environment for all video game players. Our game truck even comes with a trained Game Coach to actually run the tournament. So next time you’re looking to host a video game tournament book Amazing Gaming on Wheels.

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