Laser Tag Parties

Imagine the thrill of intense "battlefield" combat…in your own back yard!   Amazing Gaming On Wheels brings high-tech, realistic action right to you!  Our trained Game Coach/Referee sets up the playing field, instructs and readies players for “battle” and runs the party!  You relax…and your home stays clean!

Laser tag  birthday party in Charlotte NC and York County SC

With the high-tech Razorback© laser tag system by Adventure Sports HQ, players feel as if they’ve been thrust into a real-life battle for ultimate survival…but it’s safe, fast-paced FUN!

Laser tag party in York County SC and Charlotte NC

The Laser Tag Field is set up with a variety of pop up bunkers. The recruits can choose from several different game variations with 8 built-in weapon options. Each weapon battle mode includes a unique sound, has a different range, damage amount, clip size, and fire rate. 

Our Laser Tag Equipment

High-Tech “Battlefield” Action, Day or Night, Indoors or Out!

Amazing Gaming On Wheels Laser Tag uses the most high-tech system available! We use the Razorback® laser taggers from Adventure Sports HQ, the premium laser tag equipment experts!

Our Laser Tag events include up to 14 taggers (for 14 to play at once) and we can rotate players for larger groups!  We can play numerous types of games, from simple “team combat” to mission-based games like Capture The Flag and more! With features like color-coded headbands, color-coded muzzle flash (know who’s firing!) and same-team safety (kids can’t “take out” their own team members) it’s the most feature-packed Laser Tag system available.

Laser Tag is SAFE.

Our Laser Taggers shoot a harmless, but powerful, infra-red beam, just like your TV remote control. They’re completely safe and pose no danger of damaging eyes or causing any harm. Our trained "Game Coach/Referee" instructs all players in safe handling and the rules of the game prior to game play, and is there to "run the battlefield" to ensure the kids have fun and you relax!



Weekends (Friday-Sunday)
2-Hour Birthday Party:        $339*

Weekdays (Monday-Thursday)
2-Hour Birthday Party:        $299*
1-Hour Birthday Party:        $215* (must be under 30 miles)

Combo Game Truck PLUS Laser Tag:
2-Hour Combo (1 hour of each): $419*
2-Hour Ultimate Combo (2 non-stop hours of both!): $470*
3-Hour Combo (1 hour of each): $519*
3-Hour Ultimate Combo (3 non-stop hours of both!): $650*

Additional Time:  $100/Hour
*Plus any applicable Travel Surcharge. See our Service Area page for more.

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