Laser Tag Party – Everything You Need to Know

Parties are a time of celebration, but sometimes choosing the venue and activities can be complicated. Laser tag might be the perfect solution! Every individual can engage with one another, form teams, and have an epic battle in real life. All of this while staying safe.

Here is everything you need to know about our mobile laser tag services:

  • We come to you with all the equipment-day or night. Whether the party is in the backyard, a gym, or at a public park, Amazing Gaming on Wheels can be equipped with enough equipment for 14 players and pop up bunkers. Create the perfect “battlefield” for older players in the woods at night, or a sunny afternoon in the backyard for the younger players.
  • Razorback® systems. We use a hi-tech 100% safe infra-red beam. Plus, before the game begins, each player will receive a briefing of the rules, and safe handling to ensure a safe and fun experience.
  • Our trained “Game Coach/Referee” instructs. Not only does Amazing Gaming provide the fun, but we also provide a game coach and referee to oversee the “game”. Parents appreciate that they can sit back and relax knowing someone else is managing the battle.
  • It’s not just Laser Tag: Each of our Razorback©’s features 8 built-in weapon options. This means players can choose from a variety of games including the traditional one on one combat to team mission-based games like capture the flag. Other games include elimination, dead aim, or base flags. With the supervision of our game coach, the players can get creative and have a blast.

Amazing Gaming on Wheels offers mobile laser tag, this means we bring the party to you with hi-tech, action-packed games, in whatever location desired. If you’re ready to book your child’s next party contact Amazing Gaming on Wheels today.

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