The Top 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions in Our Business

You just attended a friend’s amazing party on our mobile game truck, and now you want to book a party of your own. But you live in an apartment complex with a parking deck, so where is a 32-foot trailer with stadium-tiered seating supposed to go?

At Amazing Gaming on Wheels, we know that a party or event on our truck isn’t like any other. That’s why we prepared an extensive list of frequently asked questions customers may have about our business and the entertainment services we offer.

3 of the most frequently asked questions customers have about our business are:

  1. How do I know if the game truck can come to my house? Our experienced drivers can handle any obstacle. As long as you don’t live on a very steep hill, they can drive the gaming truck almost anywhere. If that’s the case, then divert the truck to the nearest park, church, or parking lot. The mobile game theater requires at least 55 feet of flat, cleared space.
  2. Do I request certain games? No need! Our truck brings a full game library to every event, with dozens of titles to choose from. The Game Coach will listen to and evaluate needs accordingly to make the event a success. If desired, you can bring and play your own games—but at your own risk.
  3. What type of fundraising can we do with a mobile game theater? Set up a tournament or general-style gaming event to raise money for an event or cause. For tournament-style events, we can set up our trailer to rotate 20 to 28 players at a time for preset intervals, with the winner continuing to the next round as each new group enters to “unseat the champ.” No matter the size of the party or group, people will want to buy tickets to keep playing in order to beat the winner.

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