What Are Laser Tag Parties and Are They Safe?

The minute some people hear ‘laser’ they get a little nervous. So when we say ‘laser party for kids,’ some people start envisioning crazy things such as trees catching on fire and lightsaber type battles. This isn’t the case at all.

5 things that laser tag parties are truly all about are:

  1. Great physical activity for any size group: Kids love playing tag. It’s one of those things nobody is ever taught to play, but everyone knows how to do. Everyone can join in and move around freely. Laser tag is an updated, fancier way to do this. There are teams involved, perhaps some strategy, but at the end of the day, it’s a great way to let kids (and that kids-at-heart) be kids.
  2. We bring our game coach: With our parties, we provide a game coach who explains rules and procedures to kids and makes sure everyone has a great time. Our coaches are also trained on how to keep kids engaged and the party going.
  3. We bring the gear, too: We provide all the equipment – you just provide the location.
  4. We can go almost anywhere: We can go pretty much anywhere as long as there’s a place to park our truck.
  5. It’s safe: We get that the word ‘laser’ might be scary but there’s really nothing to worry about. They’re not truly lasers, just streams of infrared light, similar to TV remotes. Our game coaches do a great job of going through the games to make sure everyone understands what they’re supposed to do, as well as safety procedures. However, since it involves kids getting rowdy and running around, we need liability waivers.

Laser tag parties are always a hit, and for good reason. They get people up and running, competing, strategizing and having a great time. When you’re ready to have a party that everyone will remember in the Charlotte area, check out Amazing Gaming on Wheels!

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