What are the Most Popular Games We Offer?

Amazing Gaming on Wheels of Charlotte offers the newest, trending game consoles including: XBox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation VR.  We have all of the top games for each console stored in our mobile library. When you book a party with Amazing Gaming on Wheels, a Game Coach will keep your party flowing and suggest the best games that fit your entertainment needs.   We offer a great selection of games that cover a wide range of interests.

A few of the popular games we offer are:

  • Grand Theft Auto V – PlayStation 4: An action-adventure game where criminals navigate the fictional state of San Andreas, completing missions under pressure from a government agency.
  • Minecraft – PlayStation 4/XBox One: Players use their creativity to build with a variety of cubes in a 3D world.  There are multiple game modes which change up the strategy of the game.
  • Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo Switch: Join Mario and Cappy on an exciting adventure to collect Power Moons so they can power up the Odyssey airship to save Princess Peach.
  • NBA2K18 – PlayStation 4/XBox One: A basketball simulation game that depicts the National Basketball Association, comes with a playlist of 49 songs, and allows many areas of customization.
  • Battlezone VR – PlayStation VR: If you’re a sci-fi fan, you will love this one!  Make meaningful, strategic decisions as you operate your own tank and arsenal to hunt down the enemy.  
  • Driveclub VR – PlayStation VR: Choose from 80 of the most powerful, high-end cars to experience the adrenaline rush of fun, action-packed racing.

Here at Amazing Gaming on Wheels, we bring the party to you!  Choose from our collection of 46+ games to play, or bring your own! We guarantee you will not be disappointed!  

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