Who Should Hire a Game Truck?

Many people may assume that game trucks are only for kid’s birthday parties but that’s simply not the truth.  Game trucks are currently being used for a variety of events.  Trucks can provide an easy way to entertain and they work well for kids and adults alike.  Video gaming is fun for all ages.

Who should use a gaming truck for their event:

  • Birthday Parties: Planning your kid’s birthday party can be a ton of work. Hiring a gaming truck can take a lot of the work off your plate.  We understand that most parents have a very busy schedule and are looking for something convenient and affordable.  Our video game truck comes right to your home, driveway or curb (or even to a local park, parking lot or other open area) with the best game consoles and video game selection, and a Game Coach who runs the party from start to finish.  You’ll relax, and your home will stay clean!
  • Corporate or Promotional Events: Looking for a way to reward your employees or customers? A gaming truck can provide exciting entertainment for them at your corporate event. Amazing Gaming On Wheels can come right to your office parking lot or off-site location. Your employees or customers will love the fun and excitement of our video game theater. This is a great way for a new business to get their name out to the public.  It will be a memorable event, and everyone will be sure to have a great time.
  • School Functions/Fundraisers/Non-profits: Looking for a new way to bring excitement to your next school or non-profit event. Our mobile game truck is perfect for that. We are available for a multitude of events like summer camps and church events. Kids and adults alike will flock to our high-tech video game trailer and your event will be the talk of the town.

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